Welcome to Stykedcollection!

Styked started in 2018 by a coldwater surfer from the swedish westcoast. We find our happiness and inspiration in the ocean. Our biggest passion is surfing so we search for waves everywhere we go and we want surfers to feel connected to each other. When no waves are pumping and it´s snowy outside we are more than happy to strap on the snowboard and enjoy the ride. Instead of complaining about the grey, windy and rainy weather we have in Scandinavia we are making the best out of our living situation and are having a blast. We make it to a lifestyle and it is this lifestyle which brings all us adrenaline junkies together! We feelt the need of making a swedish lifestyle brand for all those adrenaline seekers out there and that´s how the idea of creating Styked started.  

Styked explanation
It all started with the word Stoked, it´s a common slang for when you feel excitment for something you are doing and our stoke is surfing and snowboarding. When all the adrenaline is pumping and the happiness you feel when riding a great wave it just felt like stoke wasn´t the right word for all of these emotions. Psyched is another word that also describes excitment so we took these two words and mixed them up and that created Styked. Styked is the perfect word for us to describe the excitment, happiness and adrenaline we feel both during snowboarding and surfing. Join us for a Styked future!

The ocean is our playground and it goes without saying that we want to respect that playground and do our best not to harm it. Over-fertilization, emission and massproduction is a threat to both humanity and animals. We all have a decision to make but we on Styked want to make things a little easier for you to contribute to something sustainable. All our products are made from 100% organic cotton and all our prints are printed by hand in Sweden. For our prints we use water based ink which are free from PVC. For packaging we use a re-use/reusable carton box.   

If you got the wrong size or aren't happy with your product you can make a return within 30 days of delivery. Follow these steps:
- Send us an e-mail to stykedcollection@gmail.com and tell us that you like to make a return, write your name, ordernumber, bankdetails (if you would like a refund) and why the product is being sent back.
- Re-use the carton box and send it back to the address printed on the receipt.
- The buyer is paying for all return costs.